A No Sew Long Sleeve T-Shirt Transformation

I'm so weird sometimes. I worked on this no sew sleeve transformation months ago then forgot about it. I found the pictures already transferred into a file on my computer called no sew sleeves. And I was like - oh yah. That's what I`ll post this week. Easy right? I don't know. I just had a hard time figuring out what to call this. What would be the best title to grab attention and best describe what I made. First was it a DIY. A refashion, transformation or reconstruction. No not a reconstruction. What about upcycle. Is this just a t-shirt or is it a long sleeve T. I know. I was over thinking it. I don't usually do that. Most times I find it pretty simple to title a blog post. I just call it what it is. Plain and simple. So here is my DIY No Sew Long Sleeve T-shirt Transformation/Reconstruction/ Upcycled Project. First you'll need a long sleeve t-shirt. Or I guess you could also use a pair of yoga pants - any type of garment that won't fray when you cut it. I folded the sleeve- errr. What am I doing? Here are a few pictures showing you how to do the sleeves. But if you want detailed instructions hop on over to a previous post HERE. No need to write it up twice eh? Well there you have it. Pretty simple to do and awesome results. My beautiful daughter loves her shirt. One of her friends likes his pants done this way all the way up the outside edge of his pants. These pictures were taken in the early fall of last year. This t-shirt is in storage because it is way too small for her now. Her huge belly won't fit because she is 32 weeks into her pregnancy. That's right. I have a new grandson on his way. I can't wait to hug him and kiss him and play with him and love him.... Who knew I would love being a Grandma just as much as being a Mom. My little angels are what life is all about. Another post done. And hopefully some inspiration for you to make your own DIY No Sew Long Sleeve T-shirt Transformation/ Reconstruction/ Upcycled Project. If not, perhaps you are motivated to harass those kids of yours to hurry up and give you some grandbabies (or look forward to your children being old enough to do it.) I love to read your opinions and comments. It makes my day. Bye for now. Wishing you the best, Darlene My apologies, all anonymous comments are deleted due to an excessive amount of spam. LET'S CONNECT Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on google_followShare on pinterest SHARE THE LOVE Share on twitterShare on facebookShare on google_plusone_shareShare on pinterest_shareMore Sharing Services