Here is an easy DIY fall decor idea - felt ball acorns! Learn how to make felt acorns using acorn caps, felted balls, and hot glue. They're so fast and easy to make, and can be used in home decor or fall crafts like garlands or ornaments! #fall #falldecor #acorns #feltballs #lauraradniecki

To me, quintessential fall decor involves pine cones and acorns. How amazing that these little nuggets of nature just fall from trees and are laying on the ground, waiting for someone to pick them up and turn them into something fun! During the acorn cleaning and drying process, a lot of my acorns separated from the acorn caps. I hot glued most of them back on, but I wanted to try an idea I saw online involving acorn caps and felt balls. Felt ball acorns! So I gathered the three supplies needed and got to work making this spin-off of a traditional acorn craft. LOOK AT THE RESULT! These felt acorns are so cute, and so fast to make. I've got big plans for how I'm going to use them, and I'm already thinking up ways to make more for other holidays and seasons. I think this might be one