14 Stops to Make on an Oregon Coast Road Trip | The guide to road tripping the Oregon Coast. I lived in Oregon for a year and a half and traveled the state extensively. Don't miss out on this detailed itinerary for your next trip to the Pacific Northwest. #oregoncoast #oregon #pacificnorthwest #usaroadtrip #oregonroadtrip #oregoncoastroadtrip #pnw #oregontravel #thingstodoinoregon #traveloregon #usatravel

A guide for your next Oregon coast road trip! From south to north, know these small seaside cities and local hangouts for your next adventure. When thinking about an Oregon coast road trip, images of rugged cliffs, turquoise blue waters, and windswept forests come to mind. The untouched beauty of this stretch of the West Coast is appreciated by many, but it rarely feels overcrowded. An Oregon road trip is the place to catch the best storms and listen to ghost stories. There's an eeriness as well as a raw attractiveness that make people come back again. I especially love